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Punisher Skull Socks

Punisher Skull Socks

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If you are a big fan of the punisher or you are making a cosplay of him, these Punisher Skull Socks are a must! As you may have noticed, they have a really simple design, they are entirely black with a printed logo of the famous and unique punisher, recognizable with the skeleton head that has wide eyes, a small nose, and four long spikes going down, this logo is red with the inscription “THE PUNISHER” under him.

Along with that, it is made out of three different materials are 60% nylon, 22% cotton, and 18% spandex, and all three of them are of the best quality available in the market, which means that they make these socks incredibly robust and they are also amazingly comfortable with the cushioned bottom!

In addition to that, it is made out of three different materials are; 60% nylon, 22% cotton, and 18% spandex which are of a higher quality and that means that they are really tough, without forgetting the cushioned bottom so they won’t get ripped!

Material : 60% nylon, 22% cotton, 18% spandex
Crew length
Cushioned bottom
Ribbed leg

Size guide M L XL
US men 6-9 9-12 12-15
US women 7-10 10-13 13-16
EU 38-41 42-45 46-49
UK 5-8 8-11 11-14
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