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Skull Bracelet Bloody Eyes (PREMIUM QUALITY)

Skull Bracelet Bloody Eyes (PREMIUM QUALITY)

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This skull bracelet for men is a true marvel of craftsmanship. the solid silver structure is overhung by a magnificent skull!

This magnificent red skull bracelet is a unique and massive jewel that can be worn only by worthy men, the ones that don't fear anything and the ones that are able to do everything to protect their family. As you may have noticed it is totally painted in silver and amazingly polished making it shiny and imposing around your wrist. In addition to that, you can see that it is made out of silver chains and without forgetting the big skeleton head in the middle with its wide smile, small nose, and red shiny eyes.

This magnificent jewel is obviously made out of 925 sterling silver, a unique material sign of luxury and strength. Also, this bracelet can match most of your outfits, but would wonderfully match a leather jacket and a rock band T-shirt. You can put this Jewel on, whenever and wherever you want for every event, so no need to bother yourself about that.

  • Sterling Silver: 925 Sterling Silver
  • PREMIUM quality: Luxury tailoring and meticulous details
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Neat details
  • Size: 22 cm (8.6 inches) | Weight: 104.3gr (3.7 oz)

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