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Skeleton Cross Patch

Skeleton Cross Patch

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Are you a biker by blood? If you want to instill respect and fear in the eyes of your rivals, you need a mysterious and imposing symbol! You won't find anything better than this skeleton cross patch!

This skeleton cross patch is an imposing accessory that you can stitch to your outfit! As you may have noticed, it is actually sewn in four different colors, the most dominant one is black enveloping the whole background, the red for the leaves that expands all over the patch, the green that is present on the cross and the skull and half of the wings and last but not least, the white present to highlight few details. In addition to that, you can see that the big and realistic skeleton head that has massive wings and is on the top of a wide Christian Cross.

The patch was made by our craftsman that's why it has such a beautiful design. It is an accessory that can be sewn on all kinds of clothes, like a leather jacket or a jean coat. Also, it can be worn for all types of occasions like for a night out with your bike.

  • Ideal to personalize your clothes: The skull patch is perfect for most types of clothing. From backpacks, jackets (leather/jeans etc...) to pants, shirts, or t-shirts.
  • Also suitable for leather jackets
  • Embroidered patch to be stuck on with an iron or sewing machine
  • Handmade by our craftsmen
  • Neat details
  • Flexibility
  • Size: 30.3x29.6 cm (11.91x11.65 in)


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