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Skeleton Head Ring

Skeleton Head Ring

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This skull ring is a skewer of hammer cracked skulls. warning: this ring has been forged only for the bravest!

What you see here is a skeleton head ring; those beautiful eleven cracked skulls contain lost souls that were punished and now stuck inside this ring, so be aware not to release them! This bolt shape gives a unique design to this beautiful model. The teeth and the jaws of each head are different, same for the cracks, which will make you imagine the story of those skeleton heads around your finger. Through the eyes of the skeletons, you can see the pain of those lost souls and their distress.

This unique ring is made out of stainless steel, so if you want to set free the souls stuck inside in the underworld, you can cross through the world of the dead on medusa’s rift with no fear. This ring can match with almost everything, but it would look fabulous with this death bracelet. This ring is perfect for every occasion, from a soul hunt to a party with friends!

  • Stainless Steel 316L : does not blacken, resistant to chlorine
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Neat details
  • Weight: 20gr

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