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Skull Bedding Queen

Skull Bedding Queen

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Welcome to you our beautiful Queens, we know you want a badass looking room with Gothic looking decor and dark, simple, and attractive colors, so we guessed that black and white would be a very neat choice, in this case, so with this skull bedding Queen you will have just what you need, it has a unique looking design with a badass queen's skull wearing a majestic crown with straight long black hair and we are saying that she is badass because she has two crossed Swords behind her with "one life, one love" written on its sides.

This astonishing looking piece was made with 100% polyester and microfiber making it soft, and lightweight to give you the best possible sleep and the impression of sleeping on top of the clouds, and it is very warm to keep you cozy even when it's cold outside so if you would like to enhance the decor of your room then make a wise choice by picking this set up for yourself.

  • Material : 100% Polyester lightweight woven microfiber.
  • Unique design, not available in stores.
  • Invisible zipper closure.
  • Pillow cases & Insert not included.
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