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Skull Belt Viking

Skull Belt Viking

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Welcome to your fans of the Nordic culture, if you like the Vikings then you most likely like battling if so then you will need a belt to go to war, and here we found the best match for what you need with this skull belt Viking, this piece comes in many colors on the strap, like white, yellow, green, and black, the buckle of it has a surprisingly unique design illustrating a pack of medieval weapons like a massive sword.

This beautiful piece of clothing is made out of tissue on the strap of it and zinc alloy on the buckle making it elegant and robust to go well with all of your outfits and add a little bit of uniqueness to them, it would look great if worn on a date with a pair of black pants and a light-colored shirt tucked in your pants to show off your new belt and have a nice look so what are you waiting for? get this beautiful piece for yourself or maybe my lady you should gift it to your loved one.

  • Casual Style : Ideal belt for everyday life, travel and Rock / Punk events.
  • Adjustable Length : the belt can be very easily shortened by following the tutorial.
  • Removable Buckle : no holes required, can be adjusted to size using the sliding closure.
  • Materials : Zinc Alloy Buckle | Webbing Strap.
  • Buckle Size: 4cm x 6cm | Webbing Width: 3.8cm.

☠️ Available in 110cm, 120cm, 130cm, 140cm, 150cm and 160cm. Refer to the tutorial to cut your belt. ☠️

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