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Skull Leather Jacket <br> Live Fast

Skull Leather Jacket <br> Live Fast

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live fast but do not die young? live with intensity! offer for yourself this magnificent skull leather jacket

Welcome gentlemen, are you a rider? Perhaps a motorhead? Or just a motorcycle fan that likes to ride with his friends, well then if you are then we have got exactly what you need right here with this skull biker jacket mens, it has everything you need to be classy and manly, this jacket will attract the eyes of many ladies with its original design having the zipper on the side making you stand out of the rest, it is essentially all black as you can see the whole surface but there are some tiny silver details on the zippers and pocket buttons.

This amazing jacket is made out of pure cow leather giving a ton of robustness and making it resistant to abrasion, not only that but it is also waterproof so it is perfect to wear when it’s rainy outside since your upper body will stay dry and since it is essentially made for bikers you have reinforced shoulders to provide some protection for you if you fall from your bike during a ride in the rain, it would look gorgeous with a pair of light jeans and a sweatshirt so don’t hesitate and snag this pretty jacket for yourself and charm all the ladies.

It's a one-lifetime treat!

  • Cow leather: robust material, wild look.
  • Superior Protection: Thick, abrasion-resistant jacket
  • Biker jacket: shoulder reinforcements, "Mao" collar.
  • Contrasting diamond stitching, worn leather effect.
  • Composition: 100% Cow Leather.
  • Care instructions: special leather cleaning.

☠️ Don't forget to refer to the Sizing Guide! As the jacket is quite small, our team recommends 1 size up as a security measure. ☠️

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