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Skull Cake Pan Recipe

Skull Cake Pan Recipe

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Attract the grim reaper to your party with this superb skull cake pan recipe! suitable for making candies, chocolates, cakes, muffins, jellies, this will leave no one indifferent.

Attract the grim reaper to your party with this unique Skull Cake Pan Recipe mold, it will be beautiful on your table full of food, it will also attract children that love cakes and candies.

Have you ever been fascinated by cannibal horror movies? Have you ever imagined what human flesh would taste like? No need to throw up trying to imagine! Just taste these cute human skeleton-shaped cookies and play along as if you were the main actor in the horror movie!

If your friends have kids and they love Shrek, give them some of these cookies and you'll see that they'll love you right away and without any effort on your part!

On summer evenings, there's nothing better than a night out in the garden with these cookies and a nice iced tea!

  • Silicone Alimentaire
  • Professional quality : ultra flexible, non-stick
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Resistant to very low and very high temperatures
  • Directions for use: lightly grease the mould with neutral oil to facilitate its demoulding!
  • Mould size: 14x11x1.5 cm (5.51x4.33x0.59 in)
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