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Skull Necklace King

Skull Necklace King

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Kings have always ruled this world by their power and possession. presence comes through jewels, that's why this skull and crossbones necklace for men is perfect!

If you think that you are the world ruler, that you are the king of this earth, then this skull crown necklace will help you to accomplish your dreams. As you may have noticed it is painted in two different colors the main color is silver, here to make this jewel unique, the second color is black present to highlight the details and engravings. Also, you can see that hanging to the Rolo chain there is a skeleton head with a wide smile and with an imposing and beautiful crown on his head. 

This gorgeous masterpiece of jewelry is made out of 925 sterling silver, it is normal to use such a noble material for the king of the world. It can match most of your outfits but would be perfect with a leather jacket and a white T-shirt. Also, it can be worn for all kinds of occasions and events from a simple night out with your friends to a rock concert.

    • Sterling Silver 925 : purity and quality guaranteed
    • Mesh Necklace : reinforced and elegant structure
    • No form of discomfort on your skin
    • Careful and precise details
    • Chain Size : 60cm (23.6 in) | Size Pendant : 10x19mm | Weight: ~12gr (0.42 oz)

    ☠️ Refer to our MEASURING GUIDE if you're not certain about the Greatness at Command. ☠️

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