Skull Flowers Umbrella

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For this winter, you will invoke spring with this beautiful flower skull umbrella. It is perfectly elegant for a unique style. Take yours before the rains come.

With this Skull Flowers Umbrella, be the most attractive, unique, and stylish girl in your band! you will be the prettiest of all the skull lovers during the winter!

An umbrella is a must in winter, especially if you are in a cold country where this season stays much more than a couple of months.

All in black with a very feminine design that makes all the difference. A big skull profile full of flowers and roses, with a lot of feminine colors, like pink, and a bit of a beautiful purple.

A nice dark sweatshirt with a touch of flowers on it will be perfect as the top of your outfit!

You can wear whatever you want, everything will go well on you with this umbrella above your hand.

  • Material: Made from a waterproof fabric 100% Polyester
  • Design: Image printed by thermal sublimation to prevent color fading
  • 8 solid fiber ribs for extra support
  • Each rib consists of three aluminum sections for flexibility and strength
  • Plastic handle for a firm grip
  • Deadly Style
  • Not available in store

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