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Skull Gloves Motorcycle

Skull Gloves Motorcycle

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These motorcycle skull gloves are perfect to protect you from the cold and also to bring a trendy touch to your style. Functional and also warm, these skull and crossbones gloves are the best choices for rock, gothic, biker!

Dear bikers! These Skull Gloves Motorcycle are perfectly what you need in winter, it will protect you from the cold and also bring you a trendy touch to yourself, and will add charm to your outfit.

Those nice silver studs are here to embellish all the black of the gloves.  With a few holes to make your hands feel like they can breathe.

This very original and unique style decoration in the shape of a bronze skull and crossbones is what you are searching for if you took the time to read these few lines.

With a matching stocking and a nice black leather jacket, you will be the most noticed on the street!

Wearing these gloves while riding your motorcycle or even your bike, you'll feel freedom in a different way, especially if you love long night drives in winter.

  • Comfortable and flexible
  • No form of discomfort on your skin hands
  • Size: 20 to 23 cm (7.9 - 9 in) (See Guide Size)
  • Original design
  • Genuine Leather
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