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Skull Ice Cubes Mold

Skull Ice Cubes Mold

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Taste the skulls of your enemies - if your enemies are made of ice, of course. goodbye boring ice cubes, make way for skull and crossbones... guaranteed effect!

During these summer nights, long walks without the sky moving. Going barefoot on the rocks, feeling a pleasant danger.

At the water's edge, flowers grow on bathing suits.

People are tired of the subway, the crowd on the beach, and when night falls, mosquitoes also celebrate, fireworks, the time of a kiss, cries of joy.

Lighter hair, darker skin burned by the sun. The atmosphere and good mood, no one will be able to claim the contrary.

At the end of the show in the sky, the beauty of the stars attracts everyone's attention.

Drink in hand, contemplating this starry sky and tasting this sweet and spicy cocktail, accompanied by skull ice cubes mold for a feeling of assured freshness.

 The summer evening now lacks nothing, except that time stands still so that it never ends.

  • 6 X Skull Heads
  • Silicone Alimentaire
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Withstands very low temperatures
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