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Skull Keyboard Stickers

Skull Keyboard Stickers

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This skull keyboard stickers is perfect if you like to play video games with your friends! You can create a crew or a group of friends, and you all have the same stickers so people will recognize you! As you can see, it has a really simple look starting with the angry skeleton head, with his frowning eyebrows, his small nose, and his amazing set of teeth with sharp canines. He also has a green headset with a microphone, perfect for spending the night gaming with the boys!

Along with that, this magnificent masterpiece is made out of prime quality vinyl, which makes it really sticky, and that means that it will last longer than you can ever imagine! Also, it is available in different sizes!

  • Exclusif and unique design.
  • Application: Fast and easy with bubble-free.
  • Material: Durable vinyl, perfect for indoor use.
  • Resolution: Ultra HD resolution up to 95µ density.
  • Don't forget to clean the surface before applying the sticker.
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