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Skull King and Queen Bedding Set

Skull King and Queen Bedding Set

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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome, if you like poker and card games then you will love to have this skull king and queen bedding set in your bedroom, it has a wonderful design that would attract anyone that enters your room, it illustrates two skeletons offering a woman a diamond and a golden heart all of them are wearing crowns while being surrounded by Massive play cards, these skeletons are colored in white with the details highlighted in black and gray while the woman is colored and gold to be the main subject of the whole painting.

This wonderful piece was made out of polyester and microfiber making it very lightweight, soft, and comfortable to give you an amazing feeling when you are asleep, and since it is lightweight it will give you the ability to transport it with you while on the go, so if you would like to experience sleeping and a customized environment that suits your taste then this piece is the perfect boy for you.

  • Material : 100% Polyester lightweight woven microfiber.
  • Unique design, not available in stores.
  • Invisible zipper closure.
  • Pillow cases & Insert not included.
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