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Skull Print Boots

Skull Print Boots

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If you want to stay alone, avoid people, these skull print boots are exactly what I need, show everyone who you really are, someone dangerous and that everyone should fear. As you can see, they are totally black except for the eyelets in iron and the different designs all over them. Starting with the toe box that has a magnificent printing of two skeleton hands about to catch a nuclear logo, without forgetting the screaming skeleton head on the upper part of the shoe, this skull head has an explosion mushroom on his head.

In addition to that, these astonishing shoes are made out of five-star products, which means that they will never get any scratch on them, and they will last longer than you can imagine if you take care of them and clean it.

  • Highly accurate detail print.
  • Original skull design, not available in store.
  • Ultra durable and weatherproof
  • Shoes size from 7 to 10,5 US 
  • Material : Rubber sole
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