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Skull Punk Sunglasses

Skull Punk Sunglasses

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Do you have plans for concerts this summer? Would you like to go to a metal festival? Don't go without this beautiful pair of punk sunglasses! Perfect for a look from hell!

If you are a fan of Blink-182 and GreenDay well don’t go any further, these skull punk sunglasses are made for you, with its wonderful and unique design this pair of glasses isn’t available for everyone, so get yourself as fast as you can! Also, you can see, sunglasses with this shape are called wayfarer, but this one doesn't have bottom rims, and has two spikes coming out of each end piece and three other spikes coming out of the bridge, without forgetting the upper rim.

This wonderful masterpiece is made out of robust material, that will never break and will last long. And because of its sober design, you are able to make it match with a lot of clothing but would perfectly match with dark blue shorts and a black shirt. You are also able to wear it during all types of events like during your favorite punk band concert.

  • Lens Optical Attribute: Anti-Reflective
  • Perfect finish smooth and elegant.
  • Skull design for a unique style
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