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Skull Ring Silver 925

Skull Ring Silver 925

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This solid silver skull ring gives off an evil aura that will take possession of its wearer if he is not up to the task! beware, young disciple, the malicious look of the skull says it all.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are looking for a simple and stealthy-looking ring for everyday usage, then you are in the perfect place. This beautiful skull ring silver 925 is a unisex ring, so it fits well on both men and women; with a universal color such as silver, it will go well with all your outfit ideas and on all seasons. This ring has some detail to it with the chrome black eyes and the well-sculpted teeth to the carvings on the sides to give an ear impression.

This ring was forged with 925 100% pure sterling silver to make it very resistant and robust and able to survive being worn on a daily basis. It is immune to water and sweat so going to the gym or swimming pool isn’t a problem anymore for your jewelry, this elegant piece would go very well with a dark-colored T-shirt and a warm jacket for winter to let that silver color pop out and shine under any light

  • Sterling Silver : 925 Sterling Silver (100% Pure)
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Neat details
  • Weight: 10gr (0.35 oz)

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