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Skull Pan Shaped Ice Cubes

Skull Pan Shaped Ice Cubes

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Taste the skulls of your enemies - if your enemies are made of ice, of course. goodbye, boring ice cubes, make way for skull-shaped and crossbones... guaranteed effect!

Warm is the wind, warm is the weather, cool is your skin, sweet is the moment.

The bread is white and the sky is blue, red is the wine, honey is golden, adding one or two skull-shaped ice cubes in its red wine, it becomes even more delicious.

Smells of the sea, scents, scents of earth, seaweed, and flowers.

Cheerful is your laughter, your complexion is pleasant. With this light without a veil, thousands of stars in the sky make us want to dance, drink, and enjoy the moment.

The wind is warm, the weather is hot, your skin is cool, and the moment is sweet, very sweet.

Drunk with our summer nights, with its warmth and its splendor, we would like this moment to be eternal, to last a lifetime.

  • 6 X Skull Heads
  • Silicone Alimentaire
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Withstands very low temperatures
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