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Skull Wing Umbrella

Skull Wing Umbrella

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Fly over the strongest storms with this winged skull umbrella. Mighty wings of fire to ensure an exceptional style. Ideal with a leather jacket and jeans.

Have you ever heard of broken skull angels? Those who died in horrific conditions, legends say they become skull angels with huge wings and this amazing skull wing umbrella is the proof!

This fiery skull from the depths of hell is here to give you all the energy and strength you need in these stressful and difficult days of the world.

Radiant orange and yellow on a darkened black background is the perfect combination for a rebellious and mysterious soul.

Choose this pretty umbrella if its flames represent you and your fabulous and amazing personality.

Dress in all black to show off the flashy colors of your umbrella, it will be seen from hundreds of yards away with its huge flaming wings and pretty skull that reflects your style.

  • Material: Made from a waterproof fabric 100% Polyester
  • Design: Image printed by thermal sublimation to prevent color fading
  • 8 solid fiber ribs for extra support
  • Each rib consists of three aluminum sections for flexibility and strength
  • Plastic handle for a firm grip
  • Deadly Style
  • Not available in store
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