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Heisenberg Skull Umbrella

Heisenberg Skull Umbrella

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Are you a Heisenberg fan? Check out this beautiful sugar skull exclusive breaking bad umbrella. Your friends will be crazy jealous. Get yours before the rain season.

Are you a rebel by nature? Are you a fan of breaking bad? You will love this Heisenberg Skull Umbrella.

Choose this Sugar Calavera Umbrella to highlight your style, having an original umbrella instead of a normal black one will make all the difference!

Most people pay attention to the outfit, rare are those who look at other details, like accessories and jewelry.

This beautiful bearded skull with his white teeth and his large smile is here to embellish your umbrella with all these colors and this magnificent hat!

He also offers you red roses to thank you for choosing him instead of so many other choices, simply because he is as unique as you always have been!

  • Material: Made from a waterproof fabric 100% Polyester
  • Design: Image printed by thermal sublimation to prevent color fading
  • 8 solid fiber ribs for extra support
  • Each rib consists of three aluminum sections for flexibility and strength
  • Plastic handle for a firm grip
  • Deadly Style
  • Not available in store
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