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Sugar Skull Bedding Queen

Sugar Skull Bedding Queen

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen, if you are fans of the old Mexican culture then you most likely know about the day of the Dead which is an event in Mexico that is known worldwide because of the makeup that people wear on that day that makeup looks like a majestic skull with a ton of colors to make the Dead happy, this sugar skull bedding Queen is a very fine-looking blanket that will add a ton of style to your bedroom, we all know that at the moment that we go in our bed we wish that it looked better and that it would make us sleep finer so with this blanket you will have that and your room will look much better and have a very nice soul to it.

This beautiful piece was made out of 100% polyester and microfiber to make it soft, comfortable, and lightweight giving you the feeling of sleeping on top of the clouds, as you would expect from a blanket it is very warm to give you a comfy sleep on the coldest nights, so if you would like to experience sleeping and a stylish environment that suits your style then pick this set up and treat yourself with it.

  • Material : 100% Polyester lightweight woven microfiber.
  • Unique design, not available in stores.
  • Invisible zipper closure.
  • Pillow cases & Insert not included.
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