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Skull Leggings Sugar

Skull Leggings Sugar

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Sugar skull leggings will take you to Mexican culture.

This beautiful sugar skull leggings is purely lovely and feminine, it expresses your girly and sexy side. With a lot of big sugar skulls, white and pink, in perfect harmony, roses instead of the eyes of white skulls.

Full of flowers and skulls, a few cobwebs, it makes you feel that you are in a big garden of eden and makes you remember the sweet season of spring! and These gorgeous flowers full of life make you remember your most beautiful childhood memories.

Its navy blue background leaves you a lot of choice in what to wear it with, it will go with almost all your tops! This attractive legging is perfectly adapted to your jogging sessions, in summer and spring, and maybe even in winter if you dare to use colors!

This pair of buckles which also contains skulls and roses will go perfectly with your beautiful leggings. A beautiful white t-shirt or a navy blue top, a pair of sneakers, and you're ready for your ride of the day.

  • Comfortable and flexible
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Size: Standard from S to XL
  • 3D digital impression, original design
  • Polyester, organic cotton with extra long fibres

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