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Sugar Skull Shower Curtain Hooks

Sugar Skull Shower Curtain Hooks

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El Día De Los Muertos is coming soon! Put all your house on the theme of that unique day, even in your bathroom, and this gorgeous Sugar Skull Shower Curtain Hooks will perfectly do the job! Starting with the background of the curtain being totally white, and there are also magnificent skull heads with black outlines they all look the same, they all have red flowers on the top of their head, on their cheeks, and on their chin and with multiple smaller flowers and growing leaves on them, without forgetting that some of them have red eyes and the others got blu ones. 

In addition to that, this beauty is made out of five-star polyester, which means that it is waterproof, it won’t stick to your skin, and is really tough which makes it durable! 

  • Fits all shower bars
  • Durable, waterproof design
  • multiple sizes available
  • 100% polyester
  • Materials provided: Curtain, 12 Hooks
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