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Vintage Skull Sunglasses

Vintage Skull Sunglasses

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Elegance is deserved, dare to impose your unique style with this magnificent pair of sunglasses, ideal with a rock or vintage outfit. Get yours!

If you think that old times are better, then get yourself these sunglasses with skulls on side that will throw you back in time to the end of the 80s! As you may have noticed, this type of glasses are called “butterfly” because of the shape that looks like a butterfly, you can also see that the lenses are brown what gives a unique design to these sunglasses, their golden skeleton heads end pieces that are really well detailed, without forgetting the astonishing engravings on the temples.

This gorgeous masterpiece is made out of a very resistant material that would never break; even if you step on it, the lenses are anti-reflective making it a unique model that can be worn day and night. In addition to that, it can be matched with all types of outfits but would wonderfully match with Levi's jeans and a suede jacket, As you are able to put it on during all kinds of events like during an AC DC concert!

  • Lens Optical Attribute: Anti-Reflective
  • Perfect finish smooth and elegant.
  • Skull design for a unique style
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