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Red Tibetan Skull Bracelet

Red Tibetan Skull Bracelet

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Find yourself and become more aware of the true you, let wealth and richness of the mind be your ally. This powerful red Tibetan Skull Bracelet will enhance your emotions!

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, do you like vampires and their universe? If so then you probably like the color red right? the color that represents blood and war and efforts, if it’s the case then you might want to snag this pretty piece right here named the Tibetan skull bracelet it has a beautiful color configuration that fits the theme perfectly with a dominant red that covers all the beads with black drawings that look like blood vessels and 3 silver-colored skulls.

This amazing piece of jewelry is made exclusively out of Onyx Mat and Shimmering Hematite, giving it a great feeling on the skin causing you no discomfort nor itch, you can wear it to whatever occasion you please for example a date with your beautiful beloved, or a night out with your buddies having fun at the bar, it would look absolutely stunning with a dark-colored outfit like a black simple T-shirt, a pair of slim jeans with a nice leather belt so pick it up and treat yourself just like you deserve to be treated.

  • Materials (Stone) : Onyx Mat, Shimmering Hematite
  • One size (adjustable)
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Careful details
  • Length: 18cm ~ 22cm | 7.08 ~ 8.66 inches (stretch elastic)

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